Gronk is pushing CBD

Unreal this was his big announcement!!!

The market’s become flooded with CBD products, so I’m not surprised manufacturers are pulling out all the stops to set themselves apart from their competitors.

I hope Gronk got a big paycheck out of this.


I’m so glad I didn’t try to watch live.

Also, I don’t want him back in football anyway. He was toast at the end of last year.

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This was a half baked attempt by Gronk to move up higher on the relevancy list. His Dad pushed him into this and has complete control over his kids. Scary that a 29 year old gronk is a similar to a kid living in his parents basement.

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as I think about it, what a better way to prove the benefits of CBD oils than a beat up Gronk returning to the Patriots and winning a SuperBowl because the oils helped him recover and play pain free.

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I think it may currently be on the NFL banned substance list, but according to this hemp advocacy website, Goodell would consider allowing CBD if his medical experts say it’s a good idea.


I think it is going to be a bargaining chip in the next CBA. The League will allow it but wants either 18 games or expanded, NBA type of Playoffs.

My issue is, IF it works, let them take the stuff, it has minimal THC, so no high is sought, just pain relief.

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