Gordon to Pats appears imminent

Either he gets it, or he gets cut. Simple.

He is an unreliable drug addict, but he is our unreliable drug addict now.

Josh Gordon is the next:

  • Randy Moss
  • Wes Welker
  • Ocho Cinco
  • Donald Hayes

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Low low risk for a generational talent.

I really want to see the video of him when the news broke of the trade and about him “not being himself” if he is laughing it off I begin to question his want to play, if he is nervously laughing it off I still do.

He’ll be wearing #10?

Gonna hurt to alter that tat:

Thats the rumor based on this anyway.

Not like there was any chance he would get #12.

This way, the tat is paying homage to his QB. :blush:

From today’s practice

That’s a Photoshop.

And not a very good one IMO.

This is a far more realistic view of Gordons first day at Patriots practice…

correct, Gronk is hurt and not practicing.

We need a shot of Gordon practicing and BB in the background ignoring him, since Bill LITERALLY would not acknowledge that the trade had gone through 30 minutes before he was on the practice field.

Which will go down as one of my all-time favorite BB moments with the press. :rofl:

When it’s complete, it’s complete. When it’s not complete, it’s not complete. And right now, it’s not complete.

Linda Holliday: Hey, Bill…is the dishwasher done yet?

Bill Belichick: Whens its done, it’ll be done.

LH: Yeah but is it done now?

BB: If the dishwasher is done, then its done. If the dishwasher is not done then it isnt.

LH: Ok. But is the dishwasher still running?

BB: Whether the dishwasher is running is not an issue. When the dishwasher is done, it will be done.

LH: deep breath

LH: Bill…honey…are the dishes in the dishwasher finished being washed? Or are they still being washed?

BB: mutters under his breath jesus christ

BB: We dont differentiate between finished and done here. Dishes go in the dishwasher. They get washed. The dishes come out of the dishwasher…when they are done. But if they arent done, then they dont come out. They stay in the dishwasher. Getting cleaned. Until they are done. And when they are done, they are done. Not before. We dont eat off of dirty plates.

LH: So…

BB: long silent glare

LH: OK then…

BB: On to the yardwork…

Welcome to New England, Josh.