Gamethread September 1st Red Sox (Price) @ Angels (Heaney)

Last night was embarrassing. Let’s not do that again.

Oh… it’s good to have you back Price!


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We got this.

1-0 good guys.

3-0 good guys.


Stuck on Gameday for now.

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Where’s Price?

Pulled after the second inning. He threw only 45 pitches.

WEEI dudes are befuddled as to why.

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Maybe he was limited? :woman_shrugging:

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I’m following game day because I’m watching my home town team Saskatchewan Roughriders Vs Winnipeg. Good football game.

My god. This is why I want to sign porcello. Good or not. He gives us 6 every 5th day. Unlike Price.

This Lakins dude isn’t very good.

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Maybe price can go 3 next start lol.


Dodged a major bullet getting out with only that much damage. When Trout came up, I was :fearful:


Roughriders win! 6 I.ln a row. Time to turn on the Sox game.

Tight game.

This game may end 4-2 lol.

Good luck Sox. I’m out. Going for drinks with some friends.

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Workman faced the heart of their order with a 4-3 lead and got out of it.

You’re starting the Game Thread Tuesday night, eh?

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Missed most of it. No, sprocketboy, I didn’t fall asleep. :grin:

Not a fan of that particular start time on a weekend. Company gets in the way.

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