Gamethread May the 1st, 2019 Sox look to wrap up A's


and who starts you ask?


Cheers to May Day!!!



Sadly, I’ll miss most of this. I have company arriving at game time. People should know better than to bother me when the Sox are playing. :angry:


Kick the people out. I do when sports on are on. Hahaha!!!


Velasquez with a good first inning.


Forgot it was an early game. Trying to follow it at work the best I can.


1-0 them as’s


Down early. Offense will save us don’t worry.


Chavis again. Just wow.


Bats showing up. Chavis has been extremely impressive.


Hector is already out. High pitch count, I suppose. Sam Mayday Malone coming in. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Chavis is messing with the old school baseball guys because he is so excitable.


Good for him He’s exciting.


Damn. Mitch with his 9th homer. Wow.


He’s been awesome for us this year. Nice having him hit like this when the regulars were struggling!


What will Cora do with the pitching the rest of the game. Hmmmm. Time will tell.




7-3 sox


Another win!!! Look out!