GameThread May 22, 2019 it is a Dirty - Mushroom game w/ Sanchez vs. Porcello

my day is complete.


You are such a fun guy.

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We might win. Big dick Rick is pitching so I like our chances.

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These shrooms have um, popped up in my garden beds. coffee

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This ump sucks.

Porcello looks solid at least.

On the board!

:wave: Joolz is here. Was watching Jeopardy. 2-0 Sox!

Lol how was Jeopardy? Porcello typical dinger. Grrrr

James Holzhauer still rockin’. $1,939,027 total earnings in 25 games.

Guerrero Jr. is a punk.

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Agreed Joolz lol.

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He looked like a beached whale attempting to make that play.

Lmao right! So over hyped in my opinion. Haha

Though Sanchez is doing a good job shutting down runs. Runs have not been easy the last couple games.

Crank one, Mookie!

Bases loaded for Mitch. Crank one, Mitch!

Productive out for a run.


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Jays have the bases loaded. Settle down, Workman.

Walks in a run.