Gamethread May 12th, 2019 sox Mariners play Marco Poli


In the pool called fenway!!


Nasty day at the Fenway pool.




Sox up 3-1 after the 1st inning. I’m back 'n forth on Gameday because I have company again. :angry:


Damn fine game so far. Missing it but the offense came to play!


Mariners get a run on a homer in the 5th. 4-2 Sox.


Chavis drives in 2 and it’s 6-2!


Bases loaded and nobody out for Devers.

Productive out scores one run.

Runners on 2nd and 3rd for Chavis.


Chavis drives in two. 9-2 Sox.


11-2 the final.



Late to the party. But what a win. Sweep it is and revenge!!! On to Colorado!


nice way to win, sweep the scum out of town.