GameThread July 27, 2018... Twins in town looking to stay on top... sales closed

Tuned in just in time to see Sale get out of a bases loaded 3-2 count jam in the 4th. Struck him out.

JBJ with a 2-run shot finally puts the Sox on the board in the 5th. 2-0 Sox.

Nice, he is hitting so much better since JD fixed an glitch in his swing

Whoa! That was quite the inning-ending double play to keep another run from scoring. 2-1 Sox after 6.5.

Kimbrel for a 4 out save. Got one. Now some insurance please.

Mookie walks off in the 10th after Dever gets and RBI in the 9th inning to tie it…

I gave up after Kimbrel blew the save. :woman_facepalming: