GameThread July 23, 2019 A big Sale on Chirinos in Tampa Bay

I’m not sure he was in last night. I think he’s new.

Sale got some nasty pitches!

We got a local wing joint that has a sauce that’s like fruity and spicy at the same time. Freeking delicious. Lots of pineapple notes and i think maybe some jerk seasoning for the heat.

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Damn that sounds delicious. Here’s mine

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I got some crappy pizza delivery.

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I want to get one of those air fryers. A co worker said they make awesome wings

Dammit. I blame the chicken wings.

From now on wings are forbidden in game threads

God Dammit Fat Sandy.

Lmao what kind ?

Damn sale :frowning:

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Wait didn’t we do this last night?

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Oh right I think you posted that last night. My bad lol

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Lmao yes we did.

Well I guess it worked last might

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As soon as I arrived Sale gave up the 2-run shot so don’t blame the chicken wings, blame Joolz.

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Dammit Joolz! Watch Netflix or something lol. Jk. You can stay. Though there is a movie called security with Antonio Banderas that looks very bad and low budget but I want to watch it lmao.

Have you ever eaten chicken wings?

? This is a serious question? Or you asking Joolz?

I was asking joolz

Lol ok just making sure lol. I eat them way too often.