GameThread July 23, 2019 A big Sale on Chirinos in Tampa Bay

I like to listen to Yonny while taking in the game.


Lmao Yonny I haven’t listen to him in years

Randy Quaid mojo

You should get neg rep for ever having listened to him at all. :rofl:


HEY!!! My mom made me when I was a kid ok lol. She was very strong, I couldn’t say no DAMMIT!


I am not a fan of Carlos Pena in the booth, so tonight I shall mute and listen to this
while watching the game. coffee


I shall eat chicken wings while watching the game :slight_smile:

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I ordered pizza over the internet.

And people say miracles don’t happen anymore

Just got home. Game time

What kind of wings?

We will take it

There we go lol

Man I want to go watch a baseball game.

JD with the wheels

Who is this guy in the booth tonight?

So anyway what kind of wings did you get?

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Man Tim Kurkjian shat all over the Rays for using a second baseman to pitch in a 5 run game all day long on ESPN today.

[stuffy white guy]
Hrrrmmmph not a good look for the Rays or for baseball. Hrrrmmmph Hrrrmmmph hrrrumph
[/stuffy white guy]

Sale picking up where he left off

Buffalo my man! My spouse made them so delicious!

She’s having honey garlic!