Gamethread Aug 11 Angels (Sandoval) @ Red Sox (Cashner)

Can we please FRIGGIN WIN!!! Thank you!

And as always. Have a wonderful Sunday folks :slight_smile:

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Well, that could have been a disaster, but Cashner escaped giving up only one run.

Maybe he settles down from this point forward?

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Um, guess not. 3-0 in the 2nd with bases loaded.

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Well we are on the board at least.

Offense is dead

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Vaz! Ties it 3-3.

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There we go!!

Bases loaded for Mitch.

A lead! Passed ball!

Bases reloaded for Vazquez. Do it again!

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4-3!! My update was delayed lol

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Offense is doing what they can to win at least.

Bummer :frowning_face:

Bullpen trying to do what they can considering the mess Cashner left.

A few insurance runs wouldn’t kill lol

If Eovaldi is able to close the last four innings of this thing out with a win, I’d give serious consideration into inserting him back into the rotation, at least until Price comes back.


Oh FFS, Barnes. :expressionless:


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I think Workman is he closer. Eovaldi will be used as a weapon for whatever. Workman has been too good. But I hope next year we get a couple more relievers. Then again I hope the starters are better than this. Our bullpen must get the most work in the entire league.