Gamethread 9.12.18 What, we Clinched and no one acted like


Ok time for Sox bats to rest while Vincent gets three out and then they will awaken from the dead and bring pain to the pitched ball creating runners and runs!!!

He was safe

X gon do it to ya.

This game is flyin’. Gonna be over way before my bedtime.

Ever since Cora started telling Price that the games were actually Fortnite missions he’s been a much better pitcher.

Ummmmmm downhill ice looks freaking awesome

C’mon Sandy. Please don’t suck

Dammit Sandy

Yay! Wild pitch scores a run.


Mookie time.

Is that Donal Logue coaching first for the Jays?

Uh oh. Mr. Wright is wrong.

Oh bullpen. Why must you always make things complicated?

Fighting over a bat. Get a life, people.

Wright wriggle out of his situation.

Runs por favor.