GameThread 9.11.18 We can't forget so we will always remember

Somber Day, I see so much never forget, I can’t forget. It is crazy to think.

and the Sox play today in this anticlimax filled season, the opponent it the Blue Jays with a 40 pitch count or 2 innings for Chris Sales.

How the rain allows this to play out today.

Good game

Snoozefest. :wink:

Need some Sox runs.

Missed the 2 runs the Jays got, but the Sox are swinging away at everything and missing.

On the board now, typical late game mojo!!!

C’mon, get that runner in from 3rd to tie the game.

It’s up to Brock.

4-2 baby!!


Brockstar! 3-run shot!

Love Eck!

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Eck is awesome, Lyons not so much

Brockstar! Guess I’m a little late.

Lyons seems better this year. A bit more tolerable than last year. Just keep Gomes out of the booth.

It Bobby Bouche, aka waterboy, pitching!!

Better be good Kelly tonight.

Motoring mookie!!!

7-2 sox on wp