gAMEtHREAD 8.21.18 UPside DoWn world time Nathan Eovaldi takes on Tribe

time to spank Tito and his band of hooligans!!!


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That is awesome! We need some Rachel Ray mojo tonight!!

I am here. Had to get dinner in the oven so I missed the top of the first.

Tonight’s offering 8.2 % alcohol by volume…


Yeesh he might have safe

I’m surprised they didn’t challenge that

Am I the only one who thinks X looks like Nacho from Better Call Saul?

Third Space Dust. That’s 24.2 percents of akcohil.

Wasn’t Kipness a character in hunger games?

4.08/5 Exceptional

Another most awesome beer, Thep. Life’s too short to drink bad beer.

Oh, crap. Indians score two and looking for more.

Finally, a hit.

Double play. Way to make Justin Bribed look like Cy Young

I’m not gonna lie…we have a local store that posts the Beer Advocate scores on the price tags so I know what I’m buying before I get to the register.

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Time for some Rachael Ray mojo.

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Eovaldi is getting hammered.

Lol boob sweat.