GameThread 6.26.18 Can the Sox pull in the Trout


I :hot_pepper: Mookie

Nice to tune in to a lead.
5-0 Sox after two.

JBJ home run and it’s 6-1.

Nice to see JBJ do well. He deserves a nice long streak of happiness!

Vasquez Turn…


So nice to see things working. Price looking better all the time. He needed to step up in his next start

J.D.! Boom!

JD takes one deep


Number 24 of the year

Price looks a lot more focused on the mound now. Earlier he was tossing the ball, no purpose to his delivery. Lately he is pitching with a purpose, a little violent in his delivery.

JBJ with his 4th RBI. 9-1 Sox.

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JBJ is a triple from cycle w/ 4 RBIs

6 hits in last two games

I still don’t like him.

Price or JBJ?