Gamethread 08.03.19 Red Sox (Sale) @ Yankees (German)

Something has to give! Break out of this damn slump. Let’s go Sale!!!

Game 1 of 2 today!! Let’s get this!

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Can we friggin win a game!



A friggin



I’m gonna get Arbys for lunch

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I like their curly fries.

I’m having a takeout fried scallop dinner and iced coffee.

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Yummy. Sounds delicious!

And yes me too. I’m gonna have curly fries and beef and cheddar sandwich.mmmmm

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Brutal call

Ugh. Sale is hot garbage.

Sale is frustrated. Not good.

17 pitches and nobody out.

27 pitches. Might go 4 innings.

Beni! Tie game

Hope he doesn’t smash any TV screens.

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Stuck on Gameday. Lunch with company.

Lmao truth

I’m going to get Arbys!