Gamethread 07/28/19 Yankees (German) @Red Sox (Sale)

Lets get this show going!!! I want to bring out some brooms today folks!

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Beer mojo.

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Bear mojo

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If Sale is anything like his last two starts we got this!!! Yankees will bring everything today though to avoid a sweep!!! Should be a great game!

I’m watching 13 cameras. This movie is creepy as hell lmao

On that note. I’m never renting. If I get a landlord like this. My god…

Adams mojo


My wife just bought one of those Alexa things the other day. Just a matter of time before we are all under 24/7 surveillance.

Coincidently my Bear mojo video is from Person of Interest that deals with that very subject.

Tons o’ Sale mojo, Yo!

Bear(s) for Sale only $200,000. coffee

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Oh I’ve heard good things about that!! They have good commercials actually hahaha. If the government watched me they would be bored. I just eat a lot bahahahah.

Beer mojo


Awesome beer mojo.

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Sale mojo

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I may have myself a Corona today actually. Winds are brutal here. Suppose to get to 80 k today.

I was gonna shower this morning. But I’m daring and going to do it tomorrow.

80 thousand degrees?

Do you live on the sun?

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I’m sorry but as the current game thread starter you can not shower until the Sox lose.

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