Gamethread 07/26/19 Yankees (Paxton) @Red Sox (Cashner)

Hey Cashner try not to suck tonight. Oh and if the bats can give us the same run support that would be great! K thanks!

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lets hope the Yanks do not…



We got em right where we want them!

Grizzly Adams mojo


omg Cashner clone lol.

Maybe the reason he hasn’t pitched well for the Sox yet is that he misses his bear.

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Well someone get him his damn bear back!

Huh huh huh you said bear back huh huh huh

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This thread needs beer

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I may have rum tonight


James Paxton has enormous ears

Just got home with rum. We’re winning!

3-0!! Martinez

What you mixing the rum with?



Ginger ale it’s my go to! My spouses father drinks pure ru ol

Pure rum

I can’t let this pass without putting in a plug for my former home, the Mount Diablo Valley in Northern California, where the real Grizzly Adams used to live with his bears.

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Ginger ale :face_vomiting: