Game Thread: Week 1 Patriots vs People From Texas

20 min to kickoff.

I’m just going to say this…I have a huge, embarrassing mancrush on Cordarelle Patterson.

I’m predicting 2 TDs out of him today. Patriots win 37 - 24

Watching the Sunday Ticket Game Will Start Soon acreen. Its oddly quiet in my house. No ex coaches blaring out of the tv. Peaceful. Cat asleep in my lap. Prolly dreaming of Cordarrelle Patterson in the open field…

Other cat just fell out of its cat chair. Cats are hilarious.

6 minutes.

Also after my beloved Cocks being spanked on national tv yesterday, I need a convincing Patriots win to salvage my weekend.

Get it done, Tom!!

3 min


It is time.

Three and ugh.


Complete sentence


You just got Gronked

3 and out. Good defense.

CPatt first down :heart_eyes:

Pass rush. Who woulda thunk it


7-3 Pats.

CPatt. :heart_eyes:

Brady to White. Too easy

Not sure how I feel about the new Magnum PI

Sack. This pass rush makes me randy

It’s wrong, IMO. A classic like that should not be remade. There’s only one Magnum and Selleck owns it. I know what you’re thinking, Joolz is foolish not to give this new version a shot. :grin:

What’s next? Simon and Simon? Riptide? Manimal?

Its such a slippery slope.