Game Thread Sep 17/19 Giants (Webb) @ Red Sox (Eovaldi)

Night joolz. I’ll be heading that way soon too

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Going to extras. I’m going to bed

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Ended up losing 7-6 in 15 innings. Giants’ defense robbed the Red Sox of two hits in the bottom of the 15th, otherwise, they might still be playing this game.


All I have to say is thank God I didn’t stay up for that game. I stayed up and watched till the 10th because I put it on in bed and then I drifted away. Might be different if we were making Play off’s but glad I missed the rest

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So, I woke this morning feeling badly about my comment. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy for the kid and the Yaz connection, at the time there was no talk of the game at hand it was just on and on about Mike.

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great name

Ya disappointing season for the Sox and aren’t making playoffs. Not much to talk about them and the game I guess lol