Game Thread Sep 17/19 Giants (Webb) @ Red Sox (Eovaldi)


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2-1. Damn. :frowning:

I want a bacon king from Burger King. I’m getting that tomorrow if the Sox win.

I changed my mind.

I’m getting it even if we lose.

Getting ugly. 4-1 them


Well this game sucks.

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They are making such a big deal about the Yastrzemski kid.

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Drink every time they say his name.

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I’ll be drunk though and I work tomorrow lol.

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Hey we got one!


2-Bags knocks in a run and it’s 5-3.

Ooh, it’s 5-4. Getting closer.

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Ok game is going back on.

Omg ties.

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Stolen base and passes ball = 5-5!

Uh oh josh Taylor coming. There goes this win lol.

I just ate a hersheys cookies and cream chocolate bar. The end.

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Falling asleep here. Good luck Sox and goodnight Tyler and lurkers.

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