Game Thread May the 2nd, 2019 Sox squared tonight


Thanks John! I was gonna try vaping as I agree. I miss the routine! Still might give it a go! 6 years wow. That’s awesome!!


If you have any any questions about it just ask.


Goodnight and good luck, Sox.

Goodnight TylerD and johnlocke.


Goodnight Joolz.


Thanks John wil do! Good night Joolz. Slow game but as long as we hang on for a win that’s all I care about


Ugh tied.




Much better. 4_3


Workman is filthy good.


The drinks fans in Chicago are very annoying.


Uh oh. Bottom of the 9th 1 out. 1st and 3rd.


Walk off 3 run shot. Sox lose 6-4.


Unreal… good night. Not even sure what to say to that.







One of the nights we definitely missed having a closer out there. Inexcusable to lose to a team like the White Sox. Here’s hoping for a better result today


I read that Brazier has 4 blown saves already and Kimbrel had 5 all off last year. If true you just gotta pay the man.


Ya it’s too bad. Braiser has good numbers. Had a really good ERA coming into last night. But he just can’t close games unfortunately. Maybe we need to try Barnes as closer if they aren’t going to sign Kimbrel


You reckon Kimbrel was sitting in a bar last night, laughing his ass off while watching the end of this game?