Game Thread May the 2nd, 2019 Sox squared tonight

The Price is right!!

I have a group of friends travelling to Chicago tonight for a Sox/Sox game , a cubs game, and a Brewers game on Sunday.

Price is pitching. We got this boys and girls :slight_smile:

One of those 8 PM start goes way past my bedtime games . ADAF47FA-72CA-4257-8C40-97B7E5B921A5

I may have to take a pre-game nap

Game starts at 6:10 for me so not bad. But I had a bad sleep last night so unless the game is ridiculous exciting I may pass out by the 7th inning hahaha.

I had been up til 4 am the last few nights having excessively stimulating philosophical and theological discussions with a dear friend but I got 8 hours of sleep last night. Benefits of being a writer and setting my own schedule. I am so rockin’ this whole game tonight. LGRS. They got this one.

I guess your friends will have to stream the Kentucky Derby from their seats at Wrigley Field?

I think they will, most likely in a derby themselves while setting up winner takes all pool.

Wish I had my own schedule :frowning: but being off for a month after tomorrow will be nice. Today is a dead day at work for me. Consists of me doing typing tests (got 125 wpm) regardless. Gonna go home, bbq some burgers and watch the Sox hopefully get a win.

B’s up 2-1 in the 1 period.

Bases loaded 1 out.

1-0. And Devers with a helluva throw to first for 2nd out.

Price gives up the homer. 2-1 White Sox.

Benni with the shot. 2-2.

Devers with the RBI. 3-2.

Got the lead!

I quit smoking a month a half ago. Just finishing up my last bit of champix and took two instead of one because I missed my morning one. And now I feel sick. Good times.

I’ve used Chantix in the the past but found it didn’t help with my habit of what to do with my hands. I started vaping and haven’t had a smoke in 6 years. Bet of luck. Great decision to quit.

Just finished Jeopardy (yes, James won $80,615) and an episode of Damages. Now I have my Sox on.

Sox up 3-2 in the 3rd.

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