Game Thread May 9th, 2019 Big E battle against Seattle


Eduardo vs Erik, with a K.

Sometimes you just need to win, today, Eddie Needs to win


They play tomorrow :slight_smile:


My little man is giving some major Sox mojo!!!




~ BostonTim


I feel I must keep this here, dated wrong, as the game thread.


I think you might be able to edit the thread title and correct the date.


I think if too much time passes one is not able to edit. I may be wrong.


We will win once again. This team is rolling. That is all :slight_smile:


only the admin can edit threads after a period of time, I tried yesterday.



Hello all. I’m drinking coffee and eating pizza. I’m kind of wild like that.


1-0 Sox in the 3rd.


Mitch! 3-run shot! 4-0 Sox.


Hello. How’s the little one?


Very good Joolz :slight_smile: he’s napping. Had a visit at grandmas today for 5 hours. Tired him out. Had the biggest poop of his 6 day life lol. Was a good time. Now to see if his Sox mojo will lead us to another win.


Devers bomb! 5-0 Sox.


The mojo is real!! Sox kicking ass.


Mitch! A double drives in Benny. 6-0 Sox.


Devers! 7-0 Sox.