Game Thread May, 7th 2017 Sox in Baltimore, game two of the series

Who the Hector is pitching tonight for the sox against Hess, a player I hate based on name only. Hess = Jets, Jets= dickweed, Dickweeds need to be beat… So will win because hess is a dickweed.

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Wait, is it this Hess? Nah, this dude hung himself in prison.


Leon Hess, teh only Leon I never liked…

2-2 to it up for Baltimore with a shot.

What a great catch by Mookie to end the inning.

Xander! 3-2 Sox.

X with the shot. 3-2 Sox.


Alberto homer ties it 3-3.

3 run blast from Mitch. 6-3.

That was a ball

Stepped away and missed it. :angry:

Damn it stop doing that. :slight_smile:

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It’s “Joolz steps away mojo” :grin:


There’s “Joolz changes the channel” mojo too.



Mitch is money!!! Son just laid down for a nap. And the Sox are winning. Life is good… for now lol.

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There’s a woman on the Remy Report on FB that stays in the kitchen when they are down cuz they usually do something great when she does. Sounds like you. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


What a great catch by JBJ.

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Ruh-roh. 6-4 now.