Game thread May 24th, 2019. Sox and Sale against Wade the smiley

Go Sales

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Revenge time. Let’s get this series.

The last time they were here this happened.

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Houston is not scared of Sale. That’s for sure.

Defense hasn’t helped much it appears.

Ticket ads on Houston local radio claim that the Red Sox “stole” last year’s WS from the Astros.

I had sympathy for the Astros after that hurricane in 2017, but that honeymoon is over. F 'em. :rage:

Damn double play.

Sorry if I’m spoiling, sptocketboy.

Remy is right. Many of Sale’s strikes are being called balls.

Go ahead. It’s my own damned fault if I read it too early.

X with a home run. Too bad the bases weren’t loaded.

Been an ugly game. You’re not missing much. Sale hasn’t been too horrible. But the offense just can’t do anything.

At work mojo.

This game is not sitting well with me :frowning: