Game Thread May 23, 2019 Weber and Clayton take the mound in a .....


And the lead goes to the good guys!


I am home. Lets the runs in from the sky like…a bunch of…raindrops…from the sky…

Whew that one went all sideways didn’t it


This. I’m watching now and he’s got some good stuff.


“F*ck, you gone completely sideways man.” Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas


Kid’s got some pitches. 90 throws so far, no walks. 1 hit batter.


wasn’t that movie released 20 years ago


HEHEH!! Yep.


Hey that kid from the stands is pitching again


Thomase wrote an article defending the Sox farm system the other day. I didn’t read cuz well…Thomase but I’ll bet Weber was in it.


Mookie! 4-1 Sox!



Ugh why is the world so blurry today? I’m going to get my glasses…


Brgote I forget

Drink of the thread


BTW Joolz thanks for making me look like an idiot today…


Huh? How?


The bullpen can’t possibly mess this up. Can they?


Another “Who the heck is he?” on the mound.


You know when a little kid goes into a grocery store and asks for unicorn flavored ice cream? You know that look all the adults give him or her? The “Isn’t is so nice that little kids can be so unbelievably full of wonder and can believe in the most far fetched things?”

That’s the look the guy gave me when i went into my local craft beer establishment and asked if they carried Heady Topper.

The guy barely stifled a laugh and told me " You cant get that outside of the state of Vermont and even then its hard to get. I do have some unicorn flavored ice cream if you want…"



that beer is impossible to get!! but it is really good


Travis Lakin

Summation : Lean, undersized frame profiles best as a reliever. Injury history led to transition into that role in 2018. Potential for two plus pitches in his fastball and cutter, with two additional pitches in his curveball and changeup to keep hitters off-balance. Has room for added strength and could add a little more velocity, although fastball has already played up in shorter stints. Prior to injuries, had a chance to start with a four-pitch mix, but bullpen role will give him a greater chance to stay on the field. Overall consistency of arsenal, fastball command, and control will be keys going forward.