Game Thread May 11th, 2019 game two vs Mariners

Mushroom against Felix Unger

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19-0 Sox. Calling it!

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Not a great start. Eeek


4-1 Seattle in the 3rd.

Bases loaded one out for the Sox in the 3rd. C’mon, Xander!

Come on boys!!! Bases loaded!

One run in and bases reloaded.

Devers’ single scores 2 and we are tied up 4-4!

Tie game baby!

JBJ! 6-4 Sox on top.


Never mind.

Leon with a 3-run shot! 9-4!

Remy just called it a “yuge” inning.

You sure it wasn’t a You Jinning?



This is a fun game.

Porcello was money after the first inning.

Sox win 9-5.


Crash Davis always thought so (it’s a fun game):