Game Thread Jays @ Sox Sep 12 2019

I didn’t have time to check who’s pitching. I just got home from work!

How’s everyone’s night?


Bucholz @ Chacin!

2-0 good guys

Hey! It’s Clay!

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Clay reminds me a lot of Porcello. He can have some very good games in him but man is he inconsistent. As good of games as he can have he can also have some very ugly games.

Okay. Thanks for asking.

New dude is rockin’ Jeopardy. Jason Zuffranieri has won 10 games and $273,843.

3-0 Sox.

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Omg. What’s the record for wins?

I think if I was on Jeopardy I could get a solid $100 if I was super lucky. They ask a lot of geography questions and I would bomb on that. But movie questions I would ace LOL and some sports questions


I guess you weren’t here back in April to June when I was posting Jeopardy updates during James Holzhauer’s run.

From Wiki:

Holzhauer won $2,464,216 in his 33 appearances, making him the third-highest overall winning Jeopardy! contestant behind Brad Rutter and Ken Jennings and the second-highest winner in Jeopardy! regular-play winnings and number of games won, behind only Jennings, who won $2,522,700 in 75 episodes in 2004. Based on his success on Jeopardy!, Holzhauer has been nicknamed "Jeopardy James”.

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Damn that’s impressive. I might have just got here just after that! I haven’t watched it in quite a while. I get sad because it makes me feel dumb lmao.

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4-0 good guys.

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I’ll go back and forth to the Thursday game nfl as well.

Carolina Tampa delayed. Lightning.

Ugh. 4-2.

Typical. Ugh

5-2 got a run back.

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Well we got both back at least! Pitching is pretty solid tonight and these kokanee beers are going down smooth.

Just flipped to the football game. 6-3. Wow. Boring shit.

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I think a low scoring game can be a very exciting defense battle sort of like a pitchers duel but given the 2 teams involved I doubt that’s the case.

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