game thread april the 25th, 2019 - we Must evoo this saute' so....


Porcello doesn’t get burned but Zipperman - who sounds like a perverted superhero (since we are talking Comic Book in a different thread, will let the Sox bats umleash.





Chavis with a 2-run shot in the 2nd. Sox ahead 2-0.


That lead didn’t last long. 3-2 Tigers on top.


This Porcello makes me sad :frowning:


Tied up 3-3.


Boom! Sox lead 5-3.


7-3! Porcello also rebounded very nicely!!


And that’s the game. 7-3.

Now go watch the Bruins in OT people.


What a win!! Didn’t watch most of it. Been watching the Bruins game. Columbus giving them a hell of. a game.


B’s win it in overtime. OK. Good night for Boston. Now off to watch the end of the first round of the draft. At pick 17 right now.


and Pats take a big boy WR who looks promising.

Life is good!