Game Thread April 5, 2019 Interleague is early - Sox vs Diamondbacks


Time to pop their collective heads out of their collective asses and play some decent ball!!!




Nice to tune in and see a lead. 1-0 Sox in the 3rd.

Not so nice to have to listen to Salty.



This is my dog at Chase Field in 2014, when I took him to “Bark in the Park” day there. I got to walk him around the warning track before the game. I think the D’Backs were playing the Padres in that game.

I was about to lament that I am no longer in Arizona, but had I ditched work to go to this game, I’d be pissed off right now. Either that, or piss drunk. :crazy_face:


12-1 D’backs. As far as the 2019 Red Sox go …


14-1 D’backs after six.

Like they say in Tolleson: Jesús, María y José


Yup. That was embarrassing


I watched this game in a bowling alley.

I think the Diamondbacks had more runs than the drunk guy bowling hit pins!!!

this appears to be the year of no Gamethread streaks,

Wow is all I can say

poor Cooler


Rick Porcello is not happy

— Jason Mastrodonato (@JMastrodonato) April 6, 2019