game thread April 30th, 2019 Somethings cooking in Boston...


Thanks :slight_smile: we got some great maternity photos a while ago. I’ll have to post a couple. My biggest plan in the future is to not throw up from changing diapers. My gag reflexes with poop don’t go well together. Lol


“Fastball, middle, and he goes bridge” ~ Eck

5-1 in the 9th.


I don’t have any kids but my ex-wife did have a young daughter and the changing was definitely that hardest part. But I got used to it after while. Hopefully you will too.


Sox win!



Ya I’ve heard I’ll get used to it… Here’s hoping.

With that said. Hell of a win from the Sox!!!

Condolences to the Bruins. Tough loss.


Congrats Sox. Celtics are getting blown out too.


Rough night for Boston sports other than baseball. Just saw the Celtics score. Yikes.


Tyler, congrats and pack snacks in your car so you can grab a bite during delivery if you need.

Changing diapers is an experience but with boys make sure you cover the kid, the cold air causes them to pee.


I don’t suppose you would consider naming your new daughter “sprocketgirl?” :thinking: