Game Thread April 11, 2019 Sox again Blew Jay this season but

Now its the time to change all this bullshit around and have a little Faith in the process the Sox used this season to get the Starters ready. I agree it seems a little unorthodox to us arm chair catchers calling a game but it is time to clean teh kitchen, dress up those steaks and have faith the EVOO can handle the heat!!!


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And so now the night begins.

Great at bat by JD. Bases loaded.

Sh*t! 3-0 Jays.

Another home run. Ouch! 5-0 Toronto.

WT actual F?

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Pedroia with his 1st RBI.



Nice! I switched to an Amazon series because I was bummed at the score. Might go back to the game.

“Siddown” ~ Eck

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And now it’s a tie game on Morelands 5th HR. 11th rbi.

Tie game! Another homer for Moreland. Number 5!


Now that’s a win!!

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What a win. It is a streak starting win

Wow! Where would we be without “2-Bags”?

“Upon further review, Moreland is carrying his team. In all four of Boston’s wins, Moreland has had the biggest hit. Or in the case of Thursday, the biggest hits.”


Watching the end of this game definitely took a little bit of the sting of the Bruins game away.

Oh, wait. Where would we be without MikieGeo and Faith?


Was so busy watching hockey. Glad we got the win! Pitching bailed out the starter once again. Rotation is still crap. But a win is a win! Let’s get a streak going.