Game Thread 9.26.18 game 1 of two against the O’s

1:05 start. Remy is doing an inning.

Looking good!!

Hopefully they get the whole game in without a rain delay. That at least gives them a shot to get the second game in. Possible thunderstorms again tonight.

I just checked in on Gameday and see Sox scored 5 runs in the 1st. :+1:

I hate David Price.


He’s giving it back. Already 3 runs in, 2 runners on and nobody out.

it must be fall, Price sucks

still a 5-3 lead but we need more runs now.

and just like that JD goes deep, 8-3

10-3 now with Sox batting in the 6th.

I believe Price was out and Wright was in.

X with a 2-run shot in the 6th to make it 12-3.

Devers and Sweetheart homer and Benny with an RBI to make it 15-3 in the 7th. Probably gonna wish they banked some of these runs for the postseason.

19-3, they score more than the Patriots!!!

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