Game Thread 6.29.18 sox vs Yankees, game one lefty vs lefty!!

Cc and Erod

Time to win

Today i bring to you the most potent mojo that i am aware of in the entire universe.

My Beloved Cocks Mojo.

The Yankees stand no chance, with not one but two former Cocks in our starting lineup.


Sentences are for newbs

Moar Cocks!!!

Yankee fans are so annoying.


God. My jinx powers know no bounds.

Never mind.

This was in response to a GIF I posted that was too large, not Thep’s post.

Dr Johnny Devers flashing the leather

Oh Xander.

But Damn the Yankees have hit some freeking seeds off ERod tonight.

In Woods? Score


This game officially sucks.

And just in case I don’t get the opportunity later I HATE Brett Gardiner. Its an irrational seething white hot hatred I usually reserve for Clemson Tiger fans and people who tailgate me on the interstate.

Tomorrow I promise I won’t come anywhere near the game thread

JBJ hoses the rookie at second.

No, please come back. It’s not you. Really.

Fer fucks sake. The Yankees have hit like 20 HRs tonight

Hate the Yankees.