Game Thread 6.23.18. Leaked mariners shall sink to Eduardo’s Sox

We took him last week. Duplicate the effort boy!!!

Interesting lineup. No X and no Betts. Eduardo and J.D. please save us.

I am shocked the Sox are using this alignment in the outfield. I think JD in left, benny in center and JBJ in right is a better option, unless Benny is sore from hitting the monster yesterday.

oh well, who am I to doubt

That was ugly. X woulda had it.

2-0 them

Lin needed to lean over and field it.

Oh, Edwardo. 4-0 them.

I think Betts jammed finger, x was due a day off but is available late if needed

Never say never and all that, but it’s gonna take a miracle. 6-0 after six.

Sorry X jammed finger
. Not Betts

I think they said Betts is “under the weather.”

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It appears they were all under the weather :frowning_face: