Game Thread 31AUG2019: Red Sox (Taylor) @ Angels (Peters)

For what it’s worth, the Angels are collectively 1-for-13 with 2 BB facing Taylor; that works out to be a .077 AVG and a .200 OPS over a sample size of 15 official PAs.

Peters has a bit more experience facing the Red Sox, but still a small sample size. Red Sox are 5-for-23 with 2 BB facing him; that’s a .217 AVG / .280 OPS.

This starting matchup looks like a wildcard facing an asterisk. It could go either way on both sides of the field. The only thing I will predict with any confidence is that this game will go past the bedtime of @Joolz.




Just testing if you are paying attention. :innocent:


This could be tough.

1-0 Sox! Almost Calhoun. Almost.

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Joolz out. :sleeping:

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Mookie would have prevented the run that JD allowed.

But JD just drove one in.

I call “wash.”

2-1 good guys.

The Boy of Sprocket had forseen this.

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3-3 wow.

Wow, bunts and SAC RBIs. 4-3 Good Guys.

Bases loaded + 1 out + 2-0 count to Holt + GIDP = Squander. :unamused:

What a joke. We lose. Oakland lost too. Was a game we needed. Good night.

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Ryan Brasier turned into a gas can tonight. :fire:

Oh well.


Wow, I guess. They scored 7 in the bottom of the 8th? Yikes!

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Well that game sucked lol.