Game Thread 27MAY2019: Indians (Rodriguez) @ Red Sox (Porcello)

Indians hitters vs. Porcello: Kipnis, Martin, Lindor, and Santana have reasonable averages against Ricky Shrooms, with significant sample sizes.

Red Sox hitters vs Rodriguez: This guy is so new that ESPN has nuttin.

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Unfortunately, I do not have company today. Y’all welcome to come over and this is on the menu.

The bad thing about taking meds for a bronchial infection is that you can’t drink alcohol with those meds.

The good thing about taking meds for a bronchial infection is that you can’t drink alcohol with those meds.

I’m also missing out on the Veteran freebies today, because I’m trying to quarantine myself as much as feasible. :cry:

I have to say, though, that if the only reason I look forward to Memorial Day and Veterans’ Day is because of the free meals, then I am obviously missing the point. And I’m a damned Veteran. :blush:

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Thank you for your service, sir.

You are welcome. As an Honorably Discharged Veteran who served during the Cold War, and who only ever faced blanks being fired at me during exercises, I feel totally thanked by American Society.

The Air Force and Mass Air Guard gave me technical training that I’ve carried forward throughout my career. They were also instrumental in helping me pay for my Bachelor’s Degree, which I parlayed into a Master’s Degree. Finally, there are the two VA home loans I’ve taken out and the aforementioned freebies.

I just wish they’d put more resources now into helping the folks who are returning from real battlefields carrying physical and/or mental injuries.

But this is drifting in the land of Political Discussions, so I will stop right here.

Let’s Go, Red Sox.

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I see Devers doubled and Mookie scored for the Sox to take a 4-3 lead in the 5th. I’m stuck on Gameday.

X doubled in Raffy and it’s 5-3.

9-3! :astonished:

Just tuning in. Me likes!!

J.D.! Home run to make it 10-3.

That looked painful

11-5 after seven full.

What’s the over-under on the end of this game running into the beginning of the Bruins game?

Final score: 12-5 Red Sox.

Military Mojo?