Game Thread 27AUG2019: Red Sox (Porcello) @ Rockies (Garcia)

As you can imagine, there is not much recent history between these two clubs.

Two Rockies have faced Porcello 10+ times, Alonso (.235 AVG / .235 OBP) and Butera (.364 AVG / .364 OBP). Overall, the Rox are 18-for-51 with 1 BB, for an AVG of .353 and an OBP of .365.

Rico Garcia has no statistics facing the Red Sox.


We got this!!!

On the board!!!

I don’t recognize the two dudes in the booth. Anyone?

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Me either at all joolz! Lol

Ugh come on Rick

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I guess one is Todd Walker. The other is not OB.

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JBJ! Crushed it!

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2-0!!! What a hit by JBJ!


Porcello looking good!


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Vazquez with a 2-run shot and it’s 4-0 Sox.

Goodnight Tyler and sprocketboy.

Good luck Sox.


Night Joolz. Headed there myself soon too

Porcello imploding ugh.


7-2. Good night folks.

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Final score: 10-6, Good Guys.


Well that game got a lot closer than it needed to be. Happy we got the win but wow talk about close

It’s Tom Helmer and Todd Walker. I miss the regular guys.

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