Game Thread 26JUN2019: White Sox (Lopez) @ Red Sox (Sale)

Good to see Martinez hitting again!

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Sale with a 7-pitch 2nd. That’s more like it.

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Wow quick inning for Sale. Go to look and it’s already done. Much needed.

4-2. Wow



Missed the other 2 runs. No more Gameday. TV time in a comfy spot so I may fall asleep.

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Devers scores from 3rd on a wild pitch/passed ball.


Sale making up for his bad start. Need a few more runs now.

Sale has been much better but that inning could cost us if this offense can’t score more. Innings like that against a bottom 5 offensive team just can’t happen. Hopefully we can get some runs.

We are legit being shut down by Lops from the White Sox lol.

Walden replaces Sale and gives up a double.

Probably not the worst idea. Walden has only given up 2 runs in the last 18 batters he has faced. He has been for the most part pretty solid.

With that said, he sucks today.

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A little bit of everything today. Sale sucked hard the first inning, Walden sucked and gave up another run, and the offense (though they got a lot of hits) has been dead for the most part and can’t produce runs. All around suckage from the team today.

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Two more innings to try and get 2 runs to tie.

Gotta scoot. Good luck Sox!

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X man!!! We lead 7-6!