Game Thread 25SEP2019: Red Sox (Porcello) @ Rangers (Allard)

Of all the Rangers, Shin-Soo Choo (aka “the Pride of Verrado, AZ”) has the most experience facing Porcello. I don’t even know if Choo is active, but he is 13-for-51 with 5BB facing Rick. Overall, the Rangers are 64-for-224 with 17BB (.286 AVG / .340 OBP).

I’ve never heard of Kolby Allard before, and apparently, neither have the Red Sox. This kid looks like Richie Cunningham’s even goofier younger brother. Anyway, ESPN is listing him as having “no statistics” against the Red Sox, which I assume means he has never faced them before.

Here you go, @TylerD.


Lmao yes!!! This goes perfectly!!!

Big dick would be proud!

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I’m drinking a barqs root beer.


It’s Porcello’s last start this year, and maybe his last start for this team.

Don’t begrudge the kid his last “BDR” moment. :eggplant:

WTF? Porcello doing this on purpose?

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This is fucking ugly. My god Porcello.

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4 hits and a hit batter. 3-0 them

Ya he better settle down and go 5 strong from here on out.

Maybe another 12-10 game lol.

Stepped away and came back to see a tie- 3-3

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Offense came through!

Now can Porcello?

Tosses his helmet like a baby lol.

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Vaz! 5-3 Sox!

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Porcello has settled down!

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Gosh, I wish I could stick around. So tired. Goodnight folks and go Sox!

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Night Joolz! I’ll likely stay up for it all. But might switch to a movie. We will see.

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Mitchy!!! 7-3!!

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