Game Thread 21JUL2019: Red Sox (Cashner) @ Orioles (Wojciechowski)

Only Mark Trumbo has 10+ PAs against Cashner; he is 4-for-20 (.200) with no walks and 5 strikeouts. The team as a whole is 9-for-39 (.231) with 2 walks and 8 strikeouts.

On the flip side, Asher Wojciechowski has faced exactly 6 Red Sox batters, exactly once each, and has so far blanked them (0-for-6) with no walks and 1 strikeout.


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Van Damme Cash Man!!!

The movie theater near me is playing a Van Damme classic today. Maybe this is a good sign.

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Really??? Damn that’s awesome Hahahaha. Which one?

Lets go Cashner!

Ugh 1-0 Baltimore.

Ugh. 2-0 Baltimore. Glad we picked up this Cashner dude. coffee

Another one who has forgotten how to pitch. :expressionless:

Just got home. Nice. Smh

I’m only half checking in on Gameday and just saw the score. Unfrickenbelievable.

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This Wojo kid is no-hitting a team that is currently leading the Majors in runs scored per game.

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Well, at least Cashner got through the fourth without any more damage.

Baby steps, right?

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And Joe Castiglione says Wojo is 30 years old, which is no “kid” in any professional sport.

This guy is the pitching version of Crash Davis, and we can’t hit him?

Do we have to play Tampa and New York??? They’re gonna kill us

I might watch a chuck norris movie.

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I think I’ll watch Cash Cab.

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I like that show lol!!

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I honestly can’t remember a time I bailed on a Sox game. It’s 90 degrees and hot as hell out. I had a comfy chair in an air conditioned room. Perfect for watching the Sox and I chose to flip between House Hunters and Cash Cab. I didn’t even turn to NESN to check the score.

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It’s been that kind of season. I’ve done it a few times. You would think with having the number one offense and with this rotation we should be one of the best teams in the league. However we are now 4 games out of a playoff spot and we have Tampa and New York coming up. Unfortunately I just don’t see us climbing out of this hole. NFL is just around the corner thank god.

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