Game Thread 18MAY2019: Astros (Martin) @ Red Sox (Velazquez)


Why does every team we play have 14 guys I’ve never heard of in their bullpen that throw 101, and were trotting out the Grubhub driver who brought Alex Cora his lunch today and played baseball a little when he was in middle school.


Only the 6th inning? Ugh. I’m tired and falling asleep. Good luck Sox and goodnight Thep.


Well just checking in. This game sucks.


They’re not booing, they’re saying Mooooooookie.

Oh no wait…they’re booing.


I feel like I’ve watched 14 innings if this.



complete sentence


Josh Smith. That is a made up name. No one named Josh Smith has ever played for the RedSox.


Hey we won the 2nd thru the 9th innings 3-2.


Bedtime. See you next time


I blame Preakness. However, I so wanted Bodexpress to win. :grin:


There’s a rumor going around OTB that Eddie Mush bet the farm on Bodexpress. :smirk:

I’ve watched A Bronx Tale a bazillion times; I’ve only just learned that Eddie Mush was played by the real Eddie Mush.


Even crazier … John Velazquez, the Jockey that Bodexpress threw at the beginning of this year’s Preakness, was one of the six professional Jockeys that appear in that horse race scene in A Bronx Tale.

I wonder if he was the one riding Kryptonite in that scene. :dizzy_face: