Game Thread 12JUL2019: Dodgers (Maeda) @ Red Sox (Rodriguez)

I didn’t expect a whole lot of history between these two teams; I bet most of what there is comes from last year’s World Series.

Russell Martin has a reasonable 4-for-14 (.286) average facing ERod. The team collectively is 9-for-25, which works out to be a .360 average.

Meanwhile, only Nunez and JD have faced Kenta Maeda; they are collectively 0-for-8.


Should be a good series. Dodgers are very good once again this seaso. This will be a good test for the Red Sox to see if we are contenders for a playoff position.

Win Dance Repeat X5

Kick his ass SEABASS!

Heading home to eat noodles and watch the game. Whooop

1-0 good guys!

Way too much cheering for Verdugo’s homer in Fenway Park.

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Agreed. Damn 1-1

2-1 yay

Vaz! 2-1 Sox.

Joolz here. Had a dog for dinner. Not a Fenway Frank though. It was a Kayem beef dog.

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That sounds delicious!

E-Rod looks good.

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What the heck was Devers swinging at there?

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Lol. And what happened to Benis glove

This offense going to sleep as usual with good pitching.


Hello. Is this the correct place to inquire about some runs?

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Yes. Also the place to post beer pics.

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Alas I have no beer tonight.

Fevers hit that ball off his hands 3/4 of the way up the monster.

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Awwww Joey Gas Cans. I miss that guy