Game Thread 09JUN2019: Rays (Snell) @ Red Sox (Rodriguez)

Rodriguez vs. Rays: Only Heredia has 10+ ABs against ERod, and Heredia is batting a whopping .125 (2 for 16). Tommy Pham is 3 for 8, and Kevin Kiermaier is 1 for 9.

Snell vs. Red Sox: For those with 10+ ABs against Snell, Betts (.300) and Leon (.545) have hit him well. On the other hand, Bogaerts is hitting .111 against Snell, while JBJ is hitting .154 … and Moreland and Nunez have yet to get a hit vs. Snell with 14 and 10 ABs respectively.

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Let’s win this. Split this series!

Unfortunately, Joolz won’t be around much this afternoon.

Go Sox!

Happy Birthday, johnlocke! :birthday:


Happy Birthday John!

I’m not watching the game. Just looking at updates on my phone. My kid was a pain in the ass this morning so going to visit grandma lol.


I’m at work.

Game thread to autopilot.

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Doesn’t look like we are missing much.

Uggh. For the Rays, it’s a Home Run Derby.

Well we suck.

Good luck in the hockey game folks.

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Kicked ass. Game 7 coming.