Game Thread 09JUN2019: Rays (Snell) @ Red Sox (Rodriguez)


Rodriguez vs. Rays: Only Heredia has 10+ ABs against ERod, and Heredia is batting a whopping .125 (2 for 16). Tommy Pham is 3 for 8, and Kevin Kiermaier is 1 for 9.

Snell vs. Red Sox: For those with 10+ ABs against Snell, Betts (.300) and Leon (.545) have hit him well. On the other hand, Bogaerts is hitting .111 against Snell, while JBJ is hitting .154 … and Moreland and Nunez have yet to get a hit vs. Snell with 14 and 10 ABs respectively.



Let’s win this. Split this series!


Unfortunately, Joolz won’t be around much this afternoon.

Go Sox!

Happy Birthday, johnlocke! :birthday:


Happy Birthday John!

I’m not watching the game. Just looking at updates on my phone. My kid was a pain in the ass this morning so going to visit grandma lol.


I’m at work.

Game thread to autopilot.


Doesn’t look like we are missing much.


Uggh. For the Rays, it’s a Home Run Derby.


Well we suck.


Good luck in the hockey game folks.


Kicked ass. Game 7 coming.