Game Thread 09.23.20: Orioles (Kremer) at Red Sox (Eovaldi)


Go Sox!

EVOO @ 100 mph

“Nothin’ but gas” ~Eck

Let’s get it!!!

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JBJ! Sox up 1-0

Plawecki! 2-0 Sox!

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Man has been good. Up early !

Whiskey time

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J.D.! 3-0 Sox!

Plawecki with a triple and another run in. 4-0!

Wow! Dalbec scores from 1st on a Chavis double and it’s 5-0!

Raffy! Bases-clearing double and it’s 8-0

You know, if this was not a short season I wonder sometimes if we would make a push for the playoffs. This team over their last few games has really been playing well. We have had some decent pitching and we have won quite a few games lately. This team has me excited for next year, if we get some decent pitching we will be a force again

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Nice catch, Verdugo!

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What a beauty game.

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Orioles on the board- 8-1

Goodnight, Tyler!

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I’m off to bed shortly myself. Night Joolz

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