Game Thread 09.22.20: Orioles (Akin) at Red Sox (Pivetta)

Yup. Blowing this lmao

Gonna miss the end :frowning: kid is fussy. Put a cartoon on for him till 8:30. When he goes to bed. His fang (K9) teeth are coming in. My god, he’s been a nightmare tonight.

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Woo-hoo! 8-3 Sox! Vaz with a 3-run shot!

Sorry about the little one, Tyler. It’s my bedtime so I’m going to miss the end of the game. Goodnight.

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8-3. Wonderful

We are rolling

Just before the season ends lol

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Well, the 1994 Pats sucked all year then ripped of 7 in in a row to end the season setting up many years of success.

Let us hope that’s close to where we are now.

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