Game Thread 09.08.19: Yankees (Tanaka) at Red Sox (Porcello)

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We got this !

I bet I’m the only one watching this game. All others glued to the Pats.

How’s Boston doing ?

Ya think?

Yankees up 2-0 in the 2nd.

ESPN sucks.

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3-0 Yankees

So we suck then. Is Porcello shitting the bed again.

JBJ with a 2-run shot and it’s 4-2 Yankees.

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He’s been hitting some dingers lately!!!

Well Sox trying to make it a game.

6-2 Yankees

Well. That didn’t last long :frowning:

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6-4 now. Still time.

Joolz out.

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Night Joolz. I got the game on now.

Rick pulled. He blows.

Not looking good for the boys:( so sick of losing to this damn team this year. I hope Houston crushes them in the playoffs

Edit. Well homerun mookie. 8-5. But I’m off to bed.