Game Thread 09.07.18: Astros (Cole) at Red Sox (Price)

Sorry i havent been around much lately…im going to make an effort to watch the game tonight. The beer is chilling in the fridge and the mojo is warming up in the Mojonator5000 as we speak.

Nice to see you, Thep. I won’t be able to tune in until after 8:30. Hopefully they will have a lead and you won’t need to access the Mojonator5000. I will need to know your beer of choice though.

Go Sox!

Arrgh I lost track of time and missed the first inning.

1-0 Sox tho.

I went with an old standby…

So I got glasses. Did you guys know that the stuff scrolling across the bottom of the screen during games are words? I thought they were just blurry shapes there to keep our attention.

Mookie with the wheels. 1st and 2nd 1 out. C’mon Andy Bendy!!!


Some scrub named JD up now. Please anti- squander this JD


We got a new stove a couple of months ago. Literally every time I use it I turn on the wrong burner.

Glasses. Not good with technology. I am so freeking old.

X gon do it to ya.

2-0 Sox

Who is this new guy pitching for the Sox?

Sandy Leon with his own wheels

3 Stones = Buzzing Thep

Moonie smashes single up the middle.

C’mon Andy Tendi

Need a slam here. C’mon, X!


However, I spy a lead.

Nice brew choice again, Sir Thep.

Price is having a good night.

Nice to have Eck back in the booth.

Eck rocks

Stone is great beer


Joolz is sad.

I think buzzing Thep fell asleep.