Game Thread - 09/02 - Braves (Erlin) at Sox (who the hell is Kickham)

This Kickham guy has got to go.

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Lmao yes she does hahahahah. Totally

I call her raccoon makeup. Her eye makeup is so dark lol.

Ya this guy is terrible.

Tie game.

Joolz you’re on talk Sox!!! I made the game thread there too. So dead lmao. People have given up on the Sox on that goes hahaha.

Tie game. Jesus

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Yes, I joined way back in 2013. Only 2 posts. My intro and to say “Hi” to you tonight. I read some posts there and didn’t care for the vibe so never got involved :woman_shrugging:

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Yup I tune in and out all the time. I have been active lately but go inactive for a while lots. There is a lot of assholes on that board. Some nice great people but in 2018 when we won the World Series, the board was flooded with people and some drove me insane.

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JBJ! 4-3 Sox!

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We’re up again lol!!! This could be a high scoring one.

5-3. Me likes !

Stepped away and came back to a 5-3 lead. Nice!

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Tied again 5-5 lol

Uh oh. We losing

Goodnight, Tyler.

Good luck, Sox.

Hope I wake to a win.

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Night joolz!!

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Lost. We blow


I dropped off at 5-5