Game Thread 08JUN2019 Game 2: Rays (Stanek) @ Red Sox (Price)

Time for the Ace to pitch like a Stopper.

Price vs. Rays: The only hitter with double-digit ABs and a .250+ average against Price is Kevin Kiermaier. The rest of the lineup he has pretty much handled.

Stanek vs. Red Sox: Ryne Stanek has been in the majors for only two years, so not much history to look at here.

Belmont Stakes Mojo?


Price with a 9-pitch 1st? Nice!


Visiting family. Maybe me not watching will spark this team to win hahahah.

This Michael Chavis kid might turn out to be a keeper.

2-0 Red Sox.

Don’t blow this price.

I heart Price!


Ooh, a lead.

JBJ time. Do it!

Bases loaded for Hernandez. Who?


5-1 Sox!

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Sox looking good!!! Thank god. Need this win.

Got em!!!